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Solactive SPG US Low Carbon Leaders ex-Fossil Fuel Index Target Vol 5

The Index

The Solactive SPG US Low Carbon Leaders ex-Fossil Fuel Index Target Vol 5 tracks the price movements in shares of a maximum of 50 companies that pass several corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) screens by Factset and Southpole, as well as meet certain criteria including dividend yield, liquidity and, in some cases, historical volatility.

Vigeo: Measuring companies in various fields of social responsibility


vigeoVigeo was founded in 2002 by Nicole Notat and has established itself as the leading European expert in the assessment of companies and organisations’ Social Responsibility (companies, states, local communities, associations, etc.).
The agency delivers independent opinions and publishes indices on risks and performances of more than 3,000 issuers, taking into account a wide field of sustainable development themes, particularly the respect of Human Rights, the valorisation of human capital, business ethics, governance, environment protection and societal commitment.


Vigeo has developed a referential built around 330 indicators and 38 ESG criteria based on universally recognised objectives published by international organisations (UN, ILO, OECD…). This exclusive rating and research methodology and Vigeo rating’s research satisfy high quality standard and benefit from the Arista certification, a recognised label of quality for responsible investment, since 2009.


Vigeo employs more than 120 people including 80 analyst based in Paris, Casablanca, Brussels, Milan, London, Tokyo and Santiago (Chile).

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Forum Ethibel: The standard for Sustainable & Responsible Investing


logo-forum-ethibelETHIBEL asbl was founded in 1991 by several NGOs operating in the most diverse social action domains, with a view to independent screenings of ethical investment funds. In the early nineties the market of ethical investments was still relatively new, although many individuals and associations were already interested in supporting a socially relevant cause with their savings. A screening agency which also launches a specific label meets the real needs of these individuals.


Therefore, the Ethibel quality label has been a success right from the start: many financial institutions are applying for it and it is recognised as a leading label, also outside Belgium. The label still exists today and is called Ethibel PIONEER.
In order to meet the needs of financial institutions and investors Forum ETHIBEL launched a second label in 2004, Ethibel EXCELLENCE.


As an independent audit institute, Forum ETHIBEL is recognized as an expert in rating, verification and certification of other investment and saving products, according to client’s proprietary ESG and ethical criteria.


Ethibel becomes a forum


In 2006, Ethibel chose to adopt a new name: “Forum ETHIBEL”. By adding ‘Forum’ the organisation gives a signal that CSR and SRI standards are only meaningful against the background of a wide social debate, if – in other words – there is a ‘forum’ which facilitates this debate.

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Solactive: The Index calculation agent


solactiveSolactive is a full service index provider covering the entire value chain of the index business. The company was established in September 2007 and currently calculates close to 800 indices with approximately 20 bn USD assets linked to them.


The company focuses on customised equity indices. The goal is to offer quick, reliable and tailor-made index services to financial institutions in the areas of index development, index calculation and index maintenance.



Why set up an index, instead of implementing the strategy directly in a product?


  • Indices are calculated based on pre-defined rules. The risk of subjective decisions can be limited. Moreover the success of the index does not depend on the capabilities of a manager.
  • To reduce the risk of fraud, setting up a strategy in an index adds neutrality to the process. For very complex indices, the calculation may even be done by two independent parties (one is the hedging party and the second one the index calculation agent).
  • The control mechanisms are much stricter compared to a pure strategy product.
  • As the index values are published on Bloomberg and Reuters the customer can individually compare the index and the product linked to the index performances which leads to a higher degree of transparency.

Solactive AG strives to the best of its ability to ensure the correctness of the calculation of the Index. There is no obligation for Solactive AG – irrespective of possible obligations to issuers – to advise third parties, including investors and/or financial intermediaries, of any errors in the Index. The issue of the securities is not sponsored, endorsed, sold, or promoted by Solactive, and Solactive makes no representation whatsoever, whether express or implied, either as to the results to be obtained from the use of the Index and/or the levels at which the index stands at any particular time on any particular date or otherwise.

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